Text Alerts for Your LAPFCU Credit and Debit Cards

Receiving alerts via text message is one of the fastest ways to be notified of potential fraud or other banking activity. LAPFCU offers text banking options,* so you can immediately respond to alerts and block unauthorized purchases:

eZCard For Your Visa® Card


To prevent unauthorized purchases or going over your credit limit, always be aware of your account status. Members can receive multiple notifications for their LAPFCU Visa credit cards, including:

  • New statement available
  • Credit posted to account
  • Single transaction exceeds X
  • Available credit drops below X
  • Credit limit is reached or exceeded
  • Current balance exceeds $
  • Current balance within $ of credit limit
  • Number of transactions exceeds X
  • Payment due in X days

Opt-in to free alerts at ezcardinfo.com, or log in to PATROL Online Banking and go to Online Services and select Visa EZCard Info.

If you would like to receive Visa purchase alerts for unauthorized transactions or when a decline is processed, please opt-in here.

VISA MasterCard

*Standard text message or data usage charges may apply. Check with your mobile service carrier for details.