LAPFCU’s Tech Tips

New Wifi Vulnerability Dectected

October 16, 2017

LAPFCU has learned that some wifi networks or connections may have a flaw that enables hackers to eavesdrop on communication between wireless devices — such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones — and wireless access points. Known as KRACK, the vulnerability can be exploited and used to steal user credentials or to install malware.

To protect yourself from this vulnerability, we recommend that update all your wireless devices, including routers, with the most recently available security patches. For more information and other ways you can protect yourself, read this this article at Tech Crunch.

Fingerprint I.D. and Mobile Banking

October 13, 2017

LAPFCU has learned that some members with Android operating systems on their mobile phones may have experienced issues when logging into mobile banking via fingerprint identification. The issue was caused by a recent update to the Android operating system and our understanding is that the issue has been corrected. However, should it occur again, please log on using your password.  Also, please make sure your operating system and LAPFCU mobile app are up-to-date.

Tablet Keyboard Issues Use When Accessing Online and Mobile Banking

October 13, 2017

LAPFCU recently learned that some members who use keyboards with their tablet devices may have experienced an issue using their keyboard interfaces within online banking. The issue may be caused by keyboard connectivity issues which are not related to our online banking service.

Should you experience any issues such as these, we encourage you to bypass the use of your keyboard and type directly on the screen instead.