LAPFCU MasterCard® Debit Cards


Travel plans in your future? Please let LAPFCU know before you go! Help ensure we don’t inadvertently block your card due to apparently suspicious charges.

With your LAPFCU checking account, you receive a free EMV, chip-enabled debit card – the latest, safest in card technology. Instead of swiping your credit card, you will use a “dipping” method of placing your card in a terminal slot while the chip is being processed. However, most merchants still have the “swiping” method as an option. In addition to extra security, our LAPFCU debit card comes with:


Activation and PIN Changes:
Debit Card Activation and PIN Change (Domestic): 866-762-0558
Debit Card Activation and PIN Change (International): 501-588-7531
VISA Credit Card Activation: 800-543-5073
VISA Credit Card PIN Changes: 866-297-3408

Dispute/Fraud Claim:
Debit/ATM Dispute Resolution: 866-484-2254
VISA Credit Dispute Resolution: 800-854-1557

Debit Card: 888-241-2510
VISA Credit Card: 800-325-3678

*Standard data usage rates may apply. Ask your phone service provider for complete details. 1116-42