Business Account Fees


Account TypeAmount to Open/Minimum balance requirementBelow minimum average daily balance feeMaximum number of free transactionsFee per transaction over maximum
Business Shares$5.00N/AN/AN/A
Basic Business Checking$25.00/$0.00$0.00150*$0.30
Business Builder Checking$25.00/$5,000.00$12.50300*$0.30
Business Certificates Regular$1,000N/AN/AN/A
Business Certificates Regular Jumbo$50,000+N/AN/AN/A
Business Certificates Super Jumbo$100,000+N/AN/AN/A
Business Money Market$2,500N/AN/AN/A
*Transactions are defined as:

  • Check cleared/Check deposited
  • Deposit or withdrawal
  • ACH debit or credit
  • ATM deposit or withdrawal
  • Debit card transaction
Cash Deposited, per $100$0.10
Coin Deposited, per $100
Including Coin Redemption Machine
Cash Purchased, per strap$0.10
Cash Purchased, per strap$0.10
Deposit Corrections$10.00


All other fees will be charged the same as Consumer Accounts. Refer to the separate schedule of fees.