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Security Center

Security Center

The Latest Cyber Scams

Malware Pop up – a pop up appears on a member’s computer screen, typically asking for a social security number, account number or other relevant account access information. If this occurs, do not click through and do not provide any information.

Some LAPFCU members have experienced a malware-related problem after logging into PATROL Online Banking. Users of the CashEdge™ Funds Transfer system have been targeted.


Cyber Scams – Smishing, a combination of SMS texting and phishing; and Vishing, using voice calling and phishing. Cyber criminals set up an automated dialing system to text or call people, sometimes using stolen customer phone numbers.

  • Account holders at one particular credit union received a text about an account problem, called the phone number in the text and gave out their personal information. Funds were withdrawn from the accounts within 10 minutes.
  • In another case, customers at a bank received text saying they needed to reactivate their ATM card; several called the number, providing ATM card numbers, PINs, and expiration dates. The result: thousands of fraudulent withdrawals.

Confidence Scams – consumers who may be vulnerable, trusting or overly generous are contacted with seemingly legitimate requests or proposals to buy products, or contribute money to a cause.

  • Senior citizens are coerced into donating their life savings to a bogus charity
  • Online shoppers are asked to purchase an automobile or other expensive item via money order or wire transfer to a shipping company or other third party rather than in-person; and
  • Fraudulent e-mails supposedly from the non-profit electronic payment association NACHA, stating that a wire transfer has been rejected by the Federal Reserve Board.

Fraud Activity

LAPFCU is researching all member MasterCard® and Visa® debit / credit cards to see if any member accounts have been impacted. The IT and Risk Management teams are working closely with the appropriate third parties to ensure that member information and card account access is protected. No member who promptly notifies the Credit Union of fraudulent activity will incur any losses resulting from this breach.

If there is an issue with a member plastic card, they may be contacted by either an LAPFCU staff member or the Risk Management Departments of FIS or JHA, the companies which administrator debit and credit card programs and verify transactions. We also encourage members to monitor statements and card activity closely for any suspicious charges.

LAPFCU will keep members apprised of any updates or new information related to this recent breach. Call us at 877-MY-LAPFCU (877-695-2732) if you have any questions or come across any suspicious activity on your card.


Important Contact Information

For lost or stolen LAPFCU credit, debit or ATM cards:

Visa® credit card                          (800) 325-3678

QuickDraw PLUS ATM/debit card    (800) 682-6075

QuickDraw ATM card                     (800) 872-2843


Credit Reporting Agencies:





Check back frequently for more information about member security or call LAPFCU at 877-695-2732.


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