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Fee Disclosures

CU Service Centers Fee Schedule

Fees are assessed for specific transactions performed and services obtained at a CU Service Centers location.


Check withdrawals $5.00


Rolled Coins (deposit or purchase)

*Coin machines may charge a percentage of total deposit.
$.25 per roll
Check Deposits
- Eleven or more checks
$.17 per check

Other Services

FAX Request (first page)
- Each additional page
Money Orders (if available) $3.00
Traveler's Checks (if available)
Dual Signature
1% of face value
1.5% of face value
Photocopies (if available) $.50
Indemnification Agreement $25.00
Notary (if available) - Notary Public's posted fee as allowed by outlet owner's state law
Research of Items - You must contact your own credit union for researching your transactions conducted at the CU Service Centers® locations.

Free Member Services (If available)

Change of Address Request
Loan Applications
Statement Prints
VISA and/or MASTERCARD Cash Advances*
(* May include a fee from card issuer) 

Individual credit unions may impose fees for using a CU Service Center location. Consult your credit union for details.

Fees may differ for services provided if you use a Service Center location in different region.

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