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Credit & Loans

POLEASE (Purchase Over Lease Loan)

This auto loan combines many benefits of a lease – such as lower monthly payments with no down payment – with the advantages of a traditional loan. At the end of the loan term you can either pay off the loan balance with a balloon payment, refinance the remaining balance as a used car loan (conventional loan), or simply return the car to LAPFCU with no additional cost. Members may be charged for excessive wear and tear on the vehicle and/or excessive miles above 15,000 per year.  The POLEASE loan is perfect for members who like to have a new car every few years. POLEASE loans are available only on new vehicles and feature:

  • Flexible terms
  • 100% financing of retail value plus tax, license, document fees and service maintenance contracts, on approved credit.
  • Loan pre-approvals, apply now through CUFFS (Credit Union Fast Financing System).
  • A fixed interest rate (variable rates are not available)


(Promotional Rates Are Excluded)



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